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Present Perfect vs. Past Simple
(Presente perfecto y el pasado simple)
Principio del formulario
Q1 of 15: We _____ (go) to the movies last night.
Q2 of 15: Tom _____ (see) that movie three times already.
Q3 of 15: I _____ (read) yesterday's newspaper, but I _____ (read, not) today's.
Q4 of 15: The students _____ (have) eight exams last month.
Q5 of 15: The students _____ (have) eight exams this month.
Q6 of 15: The students _____ (have) eight exams in the last month.
Q7 of 15: They _____ (practice) for the concert for over three hours now.
Q8 of 15: They _____ (practice) this morning when you ____ (call).
Q9 of 15: _____ you ever _____ (be) to a professional football game?
Q10 of 15: _____ you _____ (enjoy) the game?
Q11 of 15: How long _____ you _____ (work) here?
Q12 of 15: The children _____ (grown) a lot since the last time I _____ (see) them.
Q13 of 15: We still _____ never _____ (see) snow.
Q14 of 15: What did you have for breakfast this morning? I _____ (have) a coffee and croissant.
Q15 of 15: _____ you _____ (sing) professionally for long?
Final del formulario

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